Sameness Flicks

Sunday, 15, 22, 29, November & 6 December.

the [sameness] project are bringing your soul some goodness with Season 2 of Sameness Flicks. It’s a 4 week very mini film festival featuring sameness-themed films combined with social storytelling adventures, and it’s free and for YOU. Check them out at 

Nights running at 3 locations across town from November 15th to Dec 8th. Schedule coming soon…



Sat, 21 Nov | 4-8 PM

An initiative that started in Abu Dhabi, #EndSmallTalk has made it’s way to Dubai for their 6th instalment! If you’re tired of answering the generic, repetitive questions about work or what you did last weekend, come down to Creekside for an afternoon of “BIG” talk with others like you who are yearning to add deeper & more intelligent conversations to their daily lives!

This is event is free and open to public.



Stamp Printing Workshop

Tue 24 Nov | 6-8PM

100 AED

This is a workshop where participants will get to create their own unique pattern and print it on various surfaces. The main idea here is to assemble the small pieces of laser-cut wood pieces into a unique one whole shape that will form as the pattern for printing. Participants will be using those patterns as stamps for multiple printing using printmaking techniques, on different surfaces including papers and fabrics or any flat material brought by them. It is an easy, creative, and contemporary approach to stamp-making in the world of printmaking.

For more information and registration, please contact[email protected]


Pottery Workshop

Every Thursday | 4:30 -6PM

150 AED

In Collaboration with Touch Of Clay, we will be holding a pottery workshop. Learn the techniques of coiling and pinching to create your own pot to take home! The final product will be bisque fired and glazed for the finishing touch.

 Contact: [email protected]

Acrylic painting and Mixed Media for Adults

Every Tuesday | 2-5PM

180 AED

This course will allow students both new to art and the more experienced to express themselves in less conventional or restrictive forms. Learn how to use acrylic paint in a variety of ways to express yourself and create different effects and textured using coloured liners, and various natural materials such as charcoal and sand.

For more information and registration, please call 056 659 5469 

Jewelry Workshop

Every Monday | 5-7PM

250 AED per class including a drink.

Get hands on experience with this jewelry workshop. In the class you can do your own designs using wax-molding technique for lost wax casting, in silver, bras and copper. This is a basic jewelry workshop that introduces you to techniques such as sawing, filing, hammering and soldering

For more information and registration, contact,


[email protected]




Instagram For Business 

Monday 11 Nov | 11AM-1PM
650 AED / person |

Get the skills you need to market your business on Instagram!

This workshop is essential for all business owners or social media managers who want to learn the best practices on how to use Instagram to advertise their products and services. 

For registration please contact: 
[email protected]
or on Instagram: @socialaddictsae




Monday 16 Nov | 11AM-1PM
850 AED / person


Get in on the hype, learn how to use snapchat, social media’s newest and most exciting network. with this workshop you won’t only learn how to use the platform but you’ll learn snapchat’s hacks and not-so-obvious features. Limited seats, register today


For registration please contact: 
[email protected]
or on Instagram: @socialaddictsae


Unleash the Power Within

Wed 25 Nov | 7-9PM

95 AED


Calling all Our Creek Side Friends! “Unleash the power within” by joining us for a motivational talk from Professional Keynote Speaker/Neuro Linguistic Programing Trainer Bernard Safatli. Designed to help you understand, unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit you feel and create the quality of life you desire, learn how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals, improve the quality of your life and build lasting greatness.

Contact info:
Tel: +971 52-844-7422
E: [email protected]